Katrina's Story

I was walking home from work through the deserted West Side neighborhood of Athens after midnight on a Saturday and caught up to a group of drunk men walking in front of me. Three big guys were verbally harassing a smaller guy, apparently a stranger to them. They were trying to snatch beers out of the six pack the smaller guy was carrying and kept knocking his eyeglasses to the ground. No one else was around so I spoke up and tried to convince the smaller guy to take a different route with me. He seemed too drunk to assess the situation and continued on the same path as his harassers, who began to poke fun at him for having a woman stick up for him. I began to feel unsafe and at an intersection turned to take a different route home. At that point the three larger guys started shoving the smaller guy among one another, hard, and then shoved him into me. I went flying back into the pavement and they all continued walking up the street. A group of drunk girls on a nearby porch started laughing at me and yelling, and other people walking past ignored me. I'm most bothered that these bystanders saw me sitting in the middle of the street, crying, and did nothing.

Happened on February 21, 2013

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual