New Incident

Thank you for taking the courageous step of sharing your story on our anonymous incident reporter. Sharing your story informs our community and creates cultural change. Your report is reviewed by a member of our team within three days; then it will go live on our website and be posted on social media for greater exposure. Please be aware that even though you are sharing this incident anonymously, perpetrators of violence can sometimes recognize their behavior in our reports and draw conclusions about who may have posted. If you feel you are in need of immediate support, please go to the resources page of our website for more information on crisis lines available in our area.


We understand that you may have exeprienced several types of harassment, but select the one that was most impactful.


An active bystander is someone who witnesses an harassing situation and then takes action to help the target.


If you know a specific location, such as a bar or restraunt, please include that information. More details are better.