Do not report DV to AC...

Do not report DV to ACSO Advocate

Victim contacted ACSO (Athens County Sheriff's Office) DV Advocate for intervention/requested assistance with protection the morning after incident.
Victim seeks medical attention.
Mandated reports made.
4 days later ACSO DV advocate replied- one sentence - call a deputy and file a report. Victim requested help/ assistance/ support services.
No response by ACSO DV Advocate.
3 days later Victim calls Deputy to file report. Victim provides evidence and signs voluntary statement.
Victim is informed by Deputy that ACSO DV Advocate has already filed report on behalf of victim and that the report is already in the hands of the Prosecutor!
Victim is reassured by responding Deputy and told that Victim will be getting protection order soon. Have a nice day!
Deputy leaves.
Victim is fearful and hyper-vigilant and not sleeping. Victim continues with medical treatment and physical therapy to address injury and pain. Victim misses work.
Victim is waiting for information.
10 days later.
Victim is informed- Case closed as Accidental.
No response to inform Victim from ACSO Advocate
Accused not contacted.
Report documented that it was submitted to Prosecutors Office after Victim provided voluntary statement, contrary to prior statement.
Report contained confusing language as to how report changed hands prior to Victims signed statement and contained information not provided by Victim. Changed status of accused from ex to current partner. Changed circumstances of assault on Victim’s property from not a guest to invited contrary to incoming call from Victim to dispatch.
Victim statement:
Abuser makes demand.
Victim pauses and states duty to safety.
Abuser follows through with enforcement of demand by intimidation and physical force ignoring caution statement of Victim and without duty or privilege to do so, hurls victim off feet, into the air, backwards, and to the ground.
Victim is in shock, injured, hurt and terrified.
Abuser states ignorance, oops sorry, continues to berate Victim.
Victim survives and copes.
Victim Calls for assistance and is ignored, harmed, blamed, and presented with closed report that was initiated without Victims knowledge or consent placing Victim in fear and in danger.
No Justice for Victim
ACSO (Athens County Sheriff Office) Victim Advocate and Law Enforcement need training as to Consent and Victim Rights and Safety.
If assaulted in Athens County go directly to SAOP (Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program, 1-888-597-7267).
Do not trust ACSO or Advocate with Victims rights or safety.
If you must report to ACSO, get a witness and/or always document everything.
Remember Wait does not mean Go.
That is not Consent.
Unless your abuser has friends in high places.
For the rest of us we have PJL (People's Justice League).

EDITOR'S NOTE: The original report was submitted with abbreviations for various organizations only. Text provided inside parenthesis was added by the admin.

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Happened on October 1, 2018

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Police