The Promoter of Goodness is a harasser.

We are troubled that as an organization PJL encourages being an active bystander and reporting abuse, however they continue to work with a well-known harasser/abuser (Bolo J). Many people have been generally harassed by Bolo J, as well as sexually harassed by them (breast and buttocks groping, as well as alluding to sexual acts). Bolo J has never apologized for their harassing ways nor tried to change. We have been told Bolo J is seeking rehab which is great and encouraged, but until they come to terms with how they have emotionally and sexually harassed others and make amends for it we encourage PJL to discontinue working with them. It sends the wrong message and hinders PJL as an organization. We are sending this through your anonymous reporting as a means of safety. It does not need to go live. It’s more of an appeal to the PJL organization. Thank you for the consideration.

Happened on November 10, 2018

Incident reported by bystander

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Gender