Bearded Bathroom Creep

I went to use the bathroom after our show, and there was a well known regular Bearded Creep Shit Show literally having sex inside the bathroom stall with a visibly drunk college girl. I reported this to the door guy. He goes to a bartender, and they just laughed, but they guessed who the guy was immediately. People ended up grabbing cellphones and whatknot and running into the bathroom to gawk, I assume, but the "couple" came out eventually to a few cheers and hoots. I didn't stick around for the encore and back slaps, but its more of the same with this place.

Editor’s Note: This Incident was initially reported with the business name intact. PJL has been in contact with the business owner, who has hired an investigator. We have removed the name of the business while the investigation is underway. If you have questions or concerns about how we are handling this report, please contact us at

Happened on March 1, 2019

Incident reported by bystander

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual