Violent Arrest at Columbus BLM Event

I witnessed Columbus Police violently arrest a young Black man and refuse to let legal observers get his name before taking him away. Protesters were standing in a line in the street at Broad and High in front of the Ohio Statehouse when officers started shoving them with bikes. A young Black man wearing black pants, red athletic shoes, and blue gloves stepped into the street from the sidewalk and approached the officers who were shoving protesters. His hands were empty and as far as I could tell he did not touch anyone. I couldn’t see exactly what happened, but officers surrounded him and he ended up on the ground handcuffed screaming in pain. At least one officer was on top of him, possibly more. Numerous protesters screamed for them to stop hurting him, but they ignored us. They picked him up and took him south down high street to a cruiser. Some of us followed and legal observers and other bystanders repeatedly asked for his name and the officers just said that they didn’t know it and wouldn’t allow anyone to speak with him to get it. One of the officers had badge number 2896. One of them had a name tag that with Fogle on it. He was the one who drove the cruiser away. I didn’t get the name or badge number of the third officer, but he had dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and a mustache. I have video of the incident.

Happened on June 21, 2020

Incident reported by bystander

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Police