Priyanka's Story

I was walking back home around 8PM at night and talking over phone. Generally, I like to talk over phone during my walks to not feel bored! Suddenly, I felt the presence of somebody at my back very close to me. I turned back and saw man with blonde hair at a hand's distance. I didn't think of him as a stalker; and just made way for him to pass me. He passed me very slowly, staring at me. I still wasn't thinking it as abnormal (now that I think of it, I feel I should have) and gave the casual smile. When he was around 15 feet away, he suddenly turned back; looked at me and gestured his hands in a way that he's cupping his breasts. I was shocked, but didn't say anything since I was still talking over the phone. I started walking slowly, hoping he'd just go away; only to realize that he was walking slowly too. I crossed the road remembering all those strategies I have been told/read for instances I might get followed. The man kept following me from the other side of the road for around 5 minutes. When, I came near KFC, I started to get into KFC to be at a crowded place. When he saw I was getting into KFC, he suddenly turned and entered an intersection. Seeing that he was gone, I decided not to go in and started walking again. Suddenly, I saw him ahead of me- he must have taken the parallel route and come from the front! I shouted and said, "What do you want?". He stopped approaching me and went away. I stood their still for 5 minutes; because I didn't want him know my home, which was close by. Later, even after I was home, I felt shaken. I wondered, what did he want actually? Stimson Avenue is a busy road, he surely didn't plan to rape me! Was his target to rob me or something? Or was he just stalking a girl for fun? After this incident, I surely would not be talking over phone on my long walks back home! I have been told by well-wisher friends not to walk home alone at night! It's me who has to change my behavior; not the stalker! That's frustrating!

Happened on December 5, 2013

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual