Cat-Callers at Casa

One night I was out at the bar having a few drinks with a friend of mine. We decided to go outside and have a smoke. My friend had to use the restroom so I told her I would meet her out front. Once I got outside I noticed a group of obviously drunk guys standing in front of the bar, also smoking. I lit my cigarette and paid no notice to them, which is a tactic I apply readily in a town full of drunks: ignore them and go about your business. But the behavior of these guys was anything but ignorable. Not only were they yelling and carrying on amongst each other, but they were yelling at every girl that walked by in the most obscene way. Their yelling was not just limited to the girls walking directly in front of them either, they were also yelling across the street to every girl they saw passing by. When they received no response from the girls, they proceeded to shout really mean things about how the girls weren't good enough for them anyway. I was completely appalled, not only by the things they were yelling, but at their behavior in general... thinking that anyone would be attracted to or flattered by a drunk person yelling really vulgar comments at them. I'm a fairly quiet person and typically keep to myself, but I really wanted to ask these guys what they expected to achieve. Well, just as I was thinking about approaching them, my friend comes outside to meet me and share a cigarette. Well, as soon as she walks out, one of the guys, the 'ring-leader' if-you-will, walks right up to her and gets right in her face and proceeds to hit on her like he can't be denied. Surprisingly, she deals with their ignorance very well, so well in fact, I didn't have to intervene at all. She firmly stood her ground and met everything he had to say with a firm response that let him know she was not interested. I think once they realized she was my friend and with me, it helped to cause them to lay off, which is sad because it was like the fact I was a male was the only thing that deterred them. To imagine this same situation with two girls really saddens me. It saddens me because the drunken idiots probably would not have relented at all on hitting on my friend or me (if I had also been a girl). Fortunately, the drunk guys did leave shortly thereafter, sparing everyone of anymore of their disgusting display. I was really amazed at my friend and her reaction to those guys' behavior, in fact, it left a lasting impression on me. It left a lasting impression of her strength and her ability to handle the situation assertively and with dignity.

Happened on March 10, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Sexual