Rapists don't deserve to be parents!

I was just walking across the Kroger parking lot into the store when I saw this guy who is a known serial rapist hitting on some young beautiful girl while he was putting his groceries into the car. The past three times I have seen him out he has been doing this, laying it on super thick to some unsuspecting girl. He is usually using either his kid or his dog as bait, or as evidence that he is a decent human being when he definitely is not. I was so mad, I just made a mean face at him and kept walking into the store. The girl had her back to me, so she couldn't see my mean face. In hind sight I wish I had thought to yell something at him that could have been a warning to her, like, "Rapists don't deserve to be parents!" The kid wasn't with him this time, but he was going on and on about how it was so great to take him to some hippie music fest last year and how he's looking forward to that season again this year.

Happened on May 7, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Sexual