Sarah's Story

New assholes acrossed the street! I was sitting on my friend's porch enjoying the summer breeze to the sound of his new neigbor acrossed the street mowing his tiny lawn. His roommates were grilling meat on the porch when the lawn mowing guy hit a rock or part of the retaining wall or something. His "friend" looked down and said loudly, "Nice job, retard." The words "that's not funny" just sort of fell out of my mouth automatically. Later, I would wish I hadn't, but in the moment, I was able to hold the volume back a little. I knew my friend would be embarrassed and scold me if I said it loud enough for the guy to hear. I told my friend I wished I had said it louder, and he relayed a story of the same guy calling him a "faggot" recently. They had been shouting down from their porch at him asking for a cigarette. My friend had politely told them that he didn't have one, and they called him that. I said, "Wow, just some consistent douche-baggery constantly coming from that house, huh? He said, "Don't worry I have plenty of names I'd like to call them," but scolded me for using the word douche-bag in a derogatory manner. We discussed the relative costs and benefits of using the word douche-bag for some time, and I think the neighbors heard at least part of that conversation. He says I shouldn't post that word here, because it's derogatory toward vaginas, and isn't that detrimental to the cause? But I'm just telling you the things that happened. It's definitely not okay with me for anyone to use the f-word or the r-word in a derogatory way, ever. Jury's still out for me on douche-bag, but perhaps I should just stick with the word asshole, because, like my friend says, everybody's got one.

Happened on March 10, 2015

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Disability