Creepy Police Officer

I was 19 and my car broke down on my way to class, and my phone was dead. I walked around a bit until I found a sheriff's deputy who was out ticketing. I flagged him down, and he made me sit next to him in his car and flirted with me before finally letting me use his phone to call my parents. He said "You've gotta be more careful how you dress, when I saw you walking down the road, I thought it was Christmas." I was going to CLASS, and although I was wearing a skirt, I was dressed modestly. He complimented me, told me I was cute, and even showed me pictures of his child (who was five and holding a gun in many of the pictures, wtf?!?!?) I kept insisting that my dad was going to be there really soon, but the deputy insisted on staying there with me in his car, sat very close, and even sent out another deputy to check up on something so that he could sit with me. It was like a bad date, the way he was asking me questions about my personal life and complimenting my looks. I was sooo scared and disturbed, and when I told my parents, my mom said, "Well, if he was going to do something to you, he would have done it since you two were alone."

Happened on May 31, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual