I shouldn't have to feel afraid to walk to work.

Every weekday, I walk to my office job, which I absolutely love. However, the past couple of weeks have made me dread the 15 minute morning walk to work. Last week, a middle-aged man wearing a Confederate flag hat honked at me and yelled "damn!" I had dressed in my fanciest dress pants and button up shirt, because I wanted to look nice for an important meeting I had that day. Even though the only thing you could see were my forearms(not that it matters), I felt dirty and inappropriate. I wanted to go home an change so I wouldn't embarrass myself at work. Two days later, feeling a little better, another man honked at me and blew a kiss. He drove away so fast I couldn't even respond. What a coward! I started tearing up, and was grumpy for the next hour. On my way to the grocery store later that day, I got honked and yelled at three more times by guys my age. THREE. TIMES. In less than an hour! All were in cars. All drove away before I could say anything. The next time it happens, I am either going to make a puking face, or if there is enough time say " It's cute that you think you're in my league," because if they don't treat me like a person, why should I treat them like one?

Happened on June 2, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual