Sarah's Story

This happened a few days ago. I was on the road with my band, traveling from last our show in Pittsburg to our next show in Columbus. We stopped for gas somewhere between Wheeling and Zanesville. When we pulled in, the area seemed pretty deserted, except for one guy at one of the four pumps. He eyed our Subaru Forester packed to the gills with three women and all of our music equipment as we pulled in. I was braving a skin tight mini dress for the first time in my life, but this guy looked like trouble, so I threw on a baggy t-shirt over it before I got out of the car, as if it would somehow protect me from his eyes. It wasn't enough. As I crossed the smelly concrete into the station, he blatantly stared at my behind. He started to open his mouth as if he were about to say something to me. I made the meanest face I could muster at him, shook my head no, and kept walking. I didn't need to Hollaback! He seemed to get the message. He looked away embarrassed and left quickly. The thing that sticks out to me the most about this exchange is how regular of an occurrence things like this are that I swiftly and instinctually covered myself without even thinking about it, and that I didn't even mention it to my band mates.

Happened on August 6, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual