Jess's Story

First time at Lucky's: It was alright, I like to get my groove on when I'm feeling well enough. Well, this guy I had consensual sex with once, then he date raped and hit me a time after the initial consensual sex was there, very close in my gf's space, and I give her "THE EYES," you know, like "AVOID AVOID!" So the guy sees me and comes up to me and asks if he knew me. I, of course, tell him that yes he does, and to stay THE FUCK away from me. Of course, this guy won't let up. i eventually tell him.. he says he "is so confused" and "just doesn't know what is happening" he continues to bother my friend and I. I tell him to GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME. I move to another area of the bar. He follows me, "still confused." I tell him if he doesn't leave us alone, I will get a bouncer, which I end up having to do. I explain the situation to the bouncer, guy gets questioned. Guy denies. Guys girlfriend (who he cheated on when the occurrence happened- I did not know and would not betray my fellow womyn like that) denies anything. The bouncer misheard and thought he had hit me that night. I tell him no, he did not, but he is harassing me (I'm in tears at this point) and to please get the guy to leave. Bouncer of course refuses, I tell him he is encouraging rape culture and violence in our town and that the establishment is disgusting, he tells the guy to "move to the other side of the bar." the guy lingers at the jukebox for the rest of the time so I can't go to the bathroom, or get another drink without passing him. My other gf offers to throw her pitcher at him, a guy friend offers to beat him up. I refused the violence because that isn't how this should be solved, I refused the pitcher throwing because I didn't want to get kicked out... Lesson of day: let your girlfriends throw pitchers at shitty rapists, who cares if you get kicked out of Lucky's. Have not and will not return

Happened on August 21, 2014

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual