It amazes me how young they learn this.

I was sitting outside of the Volunteer Fire Department using the wifi when a group of five or six young boys ranging in age from about 4 to 8 rode up on bikes together. They rode up quickly and hit the brakes so that the littlest one could shout something at me before they all rode off together in the direction they had come from. This happened 2 or 3 times before I could make out what the boy was saying. He was yelling, "We pimpin' on our bikes!" The older boys would laugh as they rode off, as if they had put him up to it. A little bit later, they drove up, all of them crowded into a golf cart. Again, the littlest one shouted something at me before they drove off laughing. Again, I couldn't understand what he was saying until the 3rd or 4th time. He was saying, "You want a ride on the love machine?!" When I finally figured out what he was saying, I admit, I just laughed, and said, "No thanks, kid. I got my own ride." It amazes me how young they learn that shouting suggestively at women in public is a way one can spend an afternoon. Where do they learn this? From their family members? From the media? At any rate, I will try to be more on point next time, and not allow behaviors like these to go unchecked as they grow up.

Happened on June 16, 2015

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? No

Harassment Types: Sexual