Uptown Stalker

The other night, I was at Tony's, and there was a man groping and fondling women and making them feel uncomfortable. He was a tall man named David who claimed to be a professor here at OU. He had even groped one woman's crotch. I did my best to try to call him out in front of others as much as possible without further making these women feel awkward. My friend, the woman who he groped her crotch, said her goodbyes to people and got ready to leave. She got to the door. By the time this "Professor" noticed, he had just bought a full beer and was about to go out to the patio to smoke. Instead he put down his beer and walked out the front door shortly after her. I told my friends I'd be right back. I wanted to make sure she was safe. I got outside and saw her quickly walking to her car, but he was no where in sight. I turned to go back inside and saw him in the alleyway between Tony's and Souvlaki's. He was literally peering out from around a corner watching her going to her car. I began shouting and freaking out. He said,"I'm walking her to her car." As soon as I said,"No you're following her to her car." He ran down the alleyway towards uptown via the alleys...like a rat.

Happened on October 29, 2015

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Sexual