Me and my roommate encountered the OU rapist last night at a party at a new club. We walked to the back room where we were tryna put our jackets away and were followed by this guy. He was acting creepy and we told him he looked like the OU rapist and he got extremely defensive and started saying he was going to bust our faces in. When I started recording his he got really upset and got physical with me and my roommate so we had to defend ourselves. Please be careful out here because this guy is lurking in parties watching unsuspecting girls who are weak and innocent. We have to find this creep and get him put away asap Editor's Note: PJL learned from someone from the Athens Police Department on 4/11/16 that the man pictured here and in another of our stories has had his DNA tested and was cleared of the rapes for which they have DNA evidence. The perpetrator of those rapes is still at large. This does not mean that the person in the photos is not a major problem in our community who should be steered clear of. This does not mean that the above story should be discredited. See also:

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Happened on January 31, 2016

Incident reported by target

Bystander Action? Yes

Harassment Types: Racial